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  • RP744/04

    A Party Of One: Meditations For Those Who Live Alone In 28 bite-size chapters, the author addresses the challenges, lessons, joys and rewards of living alone. Through the process of Starting Off, Settling In, Opening Up and Moving On, singles will resonate with the pain and possibility that is shared by over 28 million Americans. Using each day's brief reflection, … more

  • RP020/04

    A Path To Hopemore

  • RP420/04

    A Rachel Rosary This small but powerful volume is most appropriate for parishes that hold pro-life prayer services. A Rachel Rosary will be of special interest during special days of prayer for victims of abortion and post-abortion syndrome (to be celebrated annually on January 22 or 23) as called for by the American … more

  • RP176/04

    A Season In The South Margaret, a middle-aged wife and mother, faces cancer and the breakdown of her marriage with newly found spiritual and emotional strength. A captivating first novel by the author. "Come to Key West with Marci Alborghetti and discover a place where the people are as bright and bold as the subtropical … more

  • RP753/04

    Advent Of Understanding This small volume captures the dilemma of those who are trying to celebrate the coming of the Christ Child while suffering the recent loss of a loved one. Mrs. Moore's reflections, based on Scripture and readings from the Liturgy of the Hours, will resonate powerfully with all those who mourn. … more

  • RP186/04

    And A Child Will Lead - Path To Healing This book provides an opportunity to continue our own creation with and in God. It offers the chance to look within, with the help of the children of the gospel, to find those places in need of healingthose places that were filled with integrity and wholeness at our conception, but … more

  • RP747/04

    Beatitudes,christ And The Practice Of Yoga Beatitudes, Christ and the Practice of Yoga challenges us to face all the problems of life with new purpose and fresh vision. Difficulties do not dissolve magically because of our newfound spiritual journey. Harassment for thinking and feeling with the Beatitudes is inevitable; persecution for being merciful and compassionate may … more

  • RP119/04

    Blessings All Around Us

    "The reader will be challenged to pray and ponder the scriptures, to reflect on the contributions of such people as Brother Roger of Taize, Catherine of Genoa, John Courtney Murray, to experience the beauty of leisure and the significance of family and friends, to wrestle with questions of surrender, aging, … more

  • RP440/04

    Catholic Is Wonderful!more

  • RP742/04

    Changing Habits: The Total Caregiver's Workout If you are or know a stressed-out caregiver, this book provides sensible and usable suggestions to help you find the balance between giving and receiving. Debbie Mandel, caregiver extraordinaire, addresses the whole person body, mind and spirit so that you will soon feel happier, more self-confident and energized. Heeding the … more