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  • RP144/04

    Days Of Intense Emotion A deeply spiritual account of the historic visit to Israel, reconstructing Pope John Paul II's journey in all its piety, emotion, and fervor. Includes suggestions for reflection and further reading. … more

  • RP194/04

    Discernment:seeking God In Every Situation

    According to the author, "The goal of discernment is to find God, and in finding God, to know God's will." Knowing the unknowable, or the hidden answer, has little to do with discernment. Rather than being a magic system which unveils God's plan, it is the concrete process of entering … more

  • RP040/04

    Discovering Your Light This workbook provides an opportunity for young adults to reflect individually or in a group about the common challenges and journeys of those in their twenties and thirties. It is a vehicle wherein young adults can ponder their own experience and become more comfortable with the challenges facing them. … more

  • RP756/04

    Embracing The Wounds Of Ptsd The author, who suffered PTSD after the Flight 800 disaster in 1996, shares her personal odyssey through pain to new life. Her strong spiritual beliefs, practical guidance, wisdom, and encouragement offer hope to victims of PTSD and to those who suffer with them. … more

  • RP168/04

    Feasts Of Life A collection of recipes from members of Father Jim's extended family that is as unique as the story each dish has to tell. Discover how this is not so much a book for those who want to be good cooks as it is a resource for those who want to … more

  • RP390/04

    Five Minute Miracles How to keep our prayers glorifying God and bringing peace to those we pray for. … more

  • RP600/04

    From Holy Hour To Happy Hour A delightful book on how to build Christian community. … more

  • RP990/04

    Glory To Glory

    Glory to Glory is a 3-month devotional based on the Glory Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments. Through a brief daily reflection, we are drawn into the heart of God to pray and to discover within us the God of glory on very lowly and amazingly lofty levels. We … more

  • RP154/04

    Grace Notes - Embracing Joy These short, gentle, often playful, always hopeful essays and discussion questions invite readers to be attentive and receptive to interventions of the divine in their own lives. A Spiritual Book Associates Feature Selection. … more

  • RP748/04

    Growing In Faith When A Catholic Marriage Fails

    Building on the experience of other divorced and remarried Catholics, Ms. Bosco shares her extensive knowledge of Church law and the process of annulment with deep compassion and understanding. A source of hope, encouragement, and support for divorced Catholics and a healing resource for those who minister in the Catholic … more