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  • RP204/04

    Growing Through The Stress Of Ministry Provides instruction, inspiration and sustenance whether you minister in a parish, workplace or at home. Scripture meditations, questions for reflection and meditative exercises make this small volume a must for caregivers. … more

  • RP510/04

    Healing Power Of A Father's Blessing The deep cry in our hearts for a Father that can only be filled by God. … more

  • RP090/04

    Healing Through The Massmore

  • RP100/04

    Heart Business

    In her frank and penetrating assessment of the modern work environment, Dee Dee Torrell, "the ministry lady" at AT&T, discusses questions vital to survival in the marketplace.


  • RP117/04

    Heart Peace

    "Adolfo Quezada is the real thing, a truly perceptive guide through the torments which can make life a hell. He has been there, into deep suffering, and emerged from it with great wisdom. Let this gentle and persuasive book give you new hope." –from the Foreword by Fr. Bill Burke


  • RP746/04

    Hold Fast To Hope "There is no correct way to use this book. If all you do is hold it on your lap as a reminder that someone else has walked this path before you, and survived, it will have served its purpose." From the Author's Prologue … more

  • RP192/04

    Holy Human:stories Of Extraordinary Catholicsmore

  • RP743/04

    How Shall We Become Holy? 30 Steps To Intimacy With God Building on the premise that the Holy Spirit is being poured out on ordinary people, the author offers the reader 30 ways to experience deeper intimacy with God who is alive, accessible and relevant. Equally appropriate for beginners and the more spiritually advanced, these thought-provoking reflections on the exciting journey … more

  • RP206/04

    How Shall We Celebrate? Celebrates 30 liturgical and secular days to remind us that Jesus breathes in the heart of every event from the promise of Advent, the sparseness of Lent, the exuberance of Easter, to the fullness of Thanksgiving. Illustrated throughout by Jef Murray. … more

  • RP136/04

    How Shall We Pray? In this first volume of the new "How Shall We?" seriessmall books filled with meaningful and practical suggestions to approach and enrich some of life's day-to-day experiences and activitiesthe author offers readers 30 concrete ways to focus on God and become aware of His Presence as they pray. This book … more