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  • RP114/04

    The Joy Of Teaching (Formerly Teaching As Eucharist)

    These deeply moving meditations for catechists and teachers are inspired reading. The Eucharist, so central to our faith, here becomes the source and sustenance of the teaching ministry. This is a lovely gift for all proclaimers of the gospel.


  • rp745/04

    The Spiritual Spa: Getting Away Without Going Away

    "The Spiritual Spa requires surrender of an interior kind. Such surrender releases the power we possess (whether we are conscious of it or not) to step into the refreshing pool of God's grace. It is in this way that we can revitalize and renew ourselves at our core. There are … more

  • RP740/04

    To Heal As Jesus Healed

    An inspirational healing handbook for clergy and laypeople based on the Rite of Anointing of a Sick Person.


  • RP222/04

    True Confessions This little book will help you to deal with your feelings of anger, shame, rejection, etc., by bringing them to God, seeing how others have successfully dealt with their negative feelings, and praying for those with similar struggles. … more

  • RP101/04
  • RP152/04

    Womansoul:letters Of Encouragement

    The reflections and Soul Suggestions offered in these letters are based on the author's own soul search and provide wisdom to grow in grace, peace, and the love of God. They can be used individually or in a group. Sr. Pat conducts retreats, parish missions, and workshops throughout the United … more

  • RP115/04

    You Are My Beloved

    From the author’s Introduction: “Just about every day we need to remind ourselves of the depth of God's love for us, so each of the reflections in this book serves as a daily reminder. This book's purpose will be accomplished particularly well if each reflection leads you to a moment … more

  • RP380/04

    Young People Know What!

    For teachers, parents, and youth ministers. Fr. O'Malley provides ways to outfox teenage convictions that sex has no human consequences.


  • RP118/04

    Your Wounds I Will Heal

    “This book will bring enlightenment and great encouragement to all seeking healing from the Triune God and knowledge and motivation to those already involved in the healing ministry to bring health and greater life into the Body of Christ.” –from the Foreword by George A. Maloney, S.J.