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Dear Valued Customer:

The Roman Missal

In an effort to accommodate the recent change to The Roman Missal of “with blessed Joseph, her Spouse,” in Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV, Catholic Book Publishing is pleased to provide gratis to you replacement paragraphs for pages 501, 505, and 513 of our Chapel (T-25) and Altar (T-55) Editions. Please click here for the PDF for the T-25 and here for the PDF for the T-55.

Although you may insert these replacement paragraphs as you deem appropriate, we offer the following suggestions in an effort to help maintain the integrity of these pages:

  1. Use a color printer. (This will help ensure that the initials will appear similar to those in the original pages.)
  2. Make sure the printer is set to print at 100% (actual size).
  3. Replace each paragraph in its entirety. We have set the type to fit the same space as in the original pages.
  4. Print on an 8½ x 11 white label from a reputable label manufacturer (e.g., Avery). (Please note that the cream background color for the T-55 replacement paragraphs will appear similar to the color of the paper used in this edition.)

We trust that these replacement paragraphs will serve you well.